The LZ collaboration consists of 250 scientists and engineers from 35 institutions in the U.S., U.K., Portugal, and Korea.

logo_bhsuBlack Hills State University

Brandeis Universitylogo_bnlBrookhaven National Laboratory

logo_brownBrown University
ibslogo Center for Underground Physics, IBS
logo_edinburghThe University of Edinburgh
logo_fnalFermi National Accelerator Laboratory
logo_kipacKavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology
logo_imperialImperial College London
logo_lbnl2Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
logo_llnlLawrence Livermore National Laboratory
logo_northwesternNorthwestern University
logo_psu Pennsylvania State University
logo_ral Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
logo_slac SLAC
logo_SDSMT South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
 South Dakota Science and Technology Authority
logo_suny_albany State University of New York at Albany
logo_tamu Texas A&M
logo_alabama University of Alabama
logo_bristol University of Bristol
logo_ucl  University College London
logo_ucberkeley University of California Berkeley
logo_ucdavis  University of California Davis
 University of California Los Angeles
logo_ucsb University of California Santa Barbara
logo_liverpool  University of Liverpool
logo_maryland  University of Maryland
logo_umass  University of Massachusetts
logo_University_Michigan University of Michigan
logo_oxford  University of Oxford
logo_rochester  University of Rochester
logo_sheffield  University of Sheffield
  • University of Sydney
logo_wisconsin  University of Wisconsin
  • Kings College