The Equity & Inclusion (E&I) committee was established in March 2018 to focus on fostering an inclusive collaboration environment in which everyone can thrive. The committee’s scope of work has been outlined here. As a result, LZ has adopted a Code of Conduct and established 2 ombudspersons and there will be a plenary session at every bi-annual in-person collaboration meeting focused on E&I.

Current E&I Committee chair: Rachel Mannino

Feel free to contact the current committee chair or the LZ Spokersperson with questions or suggestions regarding E&I in LZ.


  • Henning Flaecher
  • Dan Akerib

The LZ Ombudspersons are available to LZ collaborators who are experiencing conflicts or disputes as part of their LZ activities. Details regarding reach and responsibilities of LZ Ombudsperson can be found here.